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Ask yourself

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What if Facebook had different use from the one that social media experts spread? Have you ever wondered if Facebook fit into your professional social media picture? What is the relevance of Facebook into the business scene ?  What if Facebook would it be just for fun?

Undoubtedly, it may have some controversy around this issue. I do think these are good questions about the use of Facebook beyond user’s knowledge, worth to be responded. I’ve been wondering all this time about the Facebook relevance in our business environments too. What’s more, I’ve been talking with lot of professionals that use Facebook to promote their business. In fact, I’m developing Facebook strategies for my clients, but if you ask for my opinion…Personally, I’m always trying to keep it private, at least in my professional career you might ask why? The answer is simple, because broadly speaking we’re people of flesh and blood, we behave emotionally, act impulsively, to a certain extent we tend to be egocentric, not to mention curious and open-minded. Apart from this, we have the need to get away from our daily life or jobs and escape from the routine that often surrounds our lives for engaging with our friends, relatives, former classmates or even our lover… Furthermore, we know how much we like to gossip about what others do (friends, relatives, neighbours, partner,etc.) whether they have gone on a trip, have bought a new house abroad or where  they have been this weekend,…Unfortunately, it shows us one more time that everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives,but none about his or her own… Facebook no thanks

Use Facebook (for fun)

Imagine you’ve left your country a few months ago to work abroad [as I hope I’ll do in a few months in the States…]Consequently, you start a new stage, but you miss what you left behind, again, friends, family, colleagues and so on. Question: What will be the easiest way to know what your folk is doing or stay in touch with your girlfriend, close friends or parents? I’d say Facebook (clearly, Skype will work too, but you’d need to focus on the conversation and twitter also, but it has some drawbacks in real-time conversations and it isn’t as popular in some countries as Facebook) absolutely Facebook will be the best tool.

How you see it?

I see Facebook as a powerful social media tool, though let’s have a place where just have fun and engage with your people. Frequently, I’d like to remind myself this thought, “sometimes you need to switch off to switch on”. Nevertheless, It doesn’t mean you don’t use Facebook appropriately;

  • Segment your contacts
  • Give them different levels of permission depending on how they get on with you
  • Allow people to see what you want they to see
  • Let the people you know write in your wall, comment your stuff or label your photos/videos
  • Restrict your Facebook only for the people you already or may know.

But if you ‘wannabe’ professional…

No Facebook - Blessington St, St Kilda What about people who use Facebook professionally? Well, I bet they also want to go deeper in the relationships, you know Relationship Marketing knowing your customer…Although, are you sure you want to show where you spend your weekend, with who and how? What about your privacy? What about your personal life? I think it’s our commitment putting it aside, don’t you think so?

And you? How do you use Facebook? Do you use it for fun or biz? What is your strategy for doing biz in Facebook?

I’d like to know your thoughts.


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6 Responses to “Facebook from a different approach”

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Your post is really hard to read because of your grammer…

I can sort of figure out what you are saying and it isn’t anything new. What are your revelations here? That facebook can be used for staying in touch with people? That facebook can be used as a business tool?

No shit. I really don’t see any points being raised here. Clearly you can use facebook however you want…

Hi Mickey,

First of all, I’d like to apologize for my English and its typos. Definitely, It needs to be improved….

With regards to the post, perhaps is true I’m not saying anything new, but it wasn’t my inttention neither…Just wanted to share what is in my opinion a different view of facebook, something not as common as find as the typical ‘How to use facebook for Business or 5 Steps to succeed in Facebook’ for instance … but not only do I tried to state my perspective, but I inspired this article in several talks I kept with some professionals, which were discussing the “social side” of social media and what happen when we act as a irrational folks.

I’m terribly sorry you haven’t liked the post, nor couldn’t have contributed with anything new, I promise that I’ll work to enhance the quality of my upcoming post and to provide more value to the audience.


Israel G

Las personas que entran a facebook ciertamente lo hacen para enterarse de que hicieron los demás, mostrar lo que hicieron el fin de semana, además de compartir sentimientos, emociones y gustos en diversas categorías. Lo que muchas personas aún no saben es que, como tú lo comentas son estos los detalles, los que hacen que podamos enterarnos y saber qué es lo que le gusta o lo que no le gusta a la gente.
En cuanto al uso de esta red en el ámbito laboral, creo que cada usuario deberá encargarse de conseguir feedback buscando contactos que tengan el mismo objetivo: “hacer uso del Facebook para exclusivo contacto laboral”. Con la variedad de redes que hay en la actualidad, recomendaría otros sitios como likedin por ejemplo.
El conocimiento de las redes es necesario:
Como lo mencionas, Facebook tiene poderosas herramientas que con un buen uso puede filtrar mucha información, pero ¿cómo logras que ese amigo que celebró su mejor fiesta no suba a su álbum la foto en la que sales?, quizás tu amigo no haga el uso correcto de estas herramientas por desconocimiento y posiblemente publique su cumpleaños sin ningún tipo de filtro.
Otros de los problemas que ha tenido facebook , es que aún no se ha podido evitar que alguien cree un registro en tu nombre. Esto ha traído muchos problemas con personas que se dedican a este tipo de actividades con el fin de desprestigiar y falsificar identidades.
Redes sociales en otros mercados.
El conocimiento de esta herramienta para usuarios de países como México, Colombia y Venezuela es cada vez más necesaria, páginas como facebook , my space, twitter y hi5, se han convertido en una “herramienta indispensable” para los secuestradores, ya que a través de estos sitios de internet pueden conseguir información personal de su víctima.
Según los resultados del mes octubre del Global Monitor Report el crecimiento en América Latina sigue siendo constante. El primero Colombia con 6,51 millones de usuarios, seguido de Argentina, Chile, Venezuela y México.

Bea gracias por tu comentario y gracias por toda la información que en aportas, con tu comentario ayudas a enriquecer mucho este post!

No conocía de que las plataformas eran usadas por secuestradores para recopilar info sobre sus posibles víctimas…desde luego hecho el truco hecha la trampa!

Gracias una vez más por compartir con nosotros

sir in my opinion facebook is powerful tool
you socialise on the wall,and do business
by email, its just like a vidio conferancing
with both involved

Hi anand,

I could agree with you in some way about the benefits you claim, but definitely, it won’t be as a “friend page”, but Fan Page.
Have a look to my new post, How Facebook Benefits Your Business http://bit.ly/7qbrLu and tell me if you agree with that

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