There are no two services equal

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differentI’d like that you ask this question to any CEO or principal you know, “What makes your service special?” I’m sure that the 70% of the times you’ll get a disappointing response. “Honestly, nothing special. We’re all pretty much the same”. They’ll often say…

WRONG. Every service is different, and creating and communicating differences is vital to effective marketing.

If buyers can perceive differences in products, then people certainly will perceive major differences in services, after all. comprise unique components: people, no two of whom are the same.

From my point of view, It’s all about perceptions, passion, devotion, energy, optimism, profesionalism…all these qualities are palpable within the first fifteen seconds of entering the lobby. You can read the DNA of a company from the boy of errands and discover it replicated throughout the company.

If you cannot see the differences in your service, you MUST!!! LOOK HARDER.

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Halo effects

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Say one positive thing, halo_effectand you’ll become ASSOCIATE with many

Why do people in services fear positioning so much?

Because they fear that standing for one thing will limit their appeal. But it doesn’t work that way, for one important reason: People ASSOCIATE.

We tend to think, for example, that good-looking people are smarter, friendlier, honest, and more trustworthy than less good-looking people. We associate one positive thing – attractiveness- with many other good things.

It’s how people are programmed. It’s how your prospects think.

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The coming video madness

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It is believed that the video engagement is changing the world. The video  is replacing old forms of advertising video-deconstruct with more advantages than drawbacks. Inevitably is coming to us as a sandstorm that covers everything that goes on its way

It’s not about the platform, it’s not about efficiency through repurposing, it’s not about traffic or video hits, it’s about having a conversation, giving interesting and compelling reasons for consumers to talk to you. Advertising has shouted at consumers long enough, the tide has changed and brands need to mingle at the party, introduce themselves, and above all be interesting, engaging and enlightening, if they hope to be the life of the party, and Video Marketing is the most suitable platform at the moment to do so.

If you are wondering how you could measure the effectiveness of your video campaign, I would say that the views are not a good metric in my opinion, the comments are, with daily streams of comments from the positive to the negative… it’s a party and everyone has an opinion, and a voice.

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The fear of positioning.

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Could you take a few seconds for a quick quiz?

Which terrifies service marketers most:

a) The suggestion that they must position their service?

b) The mad clown of IT?

The correct answer is a.

Why? Because standing for one thing means you must sacrifice the other things.

Rather than sacrificing opportunities , a narrow focus often creates opportunities.

I believe that positioning a service as the most desirable service  for prospect A make it the most desirable service to prospect A and prospect B.

Some sacrifice my friends…

To broaden your appeal, narrow your position!

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